09 July, 2008

On our way home!!

All good things must come to an end! We had a great time and loved catching up with family!! We got to share some things with the kids from our past and delight in our future!! It is very good to be home!!

The plane ride home was more of a challenge. Quite the opposite from the first one. Savannah didn't sleep, she whined and moaned most of the way home. She then decided it would be fun to play with Haylee's coke glass and spilled it all over Haylee! Have you ever tried to change your child's clothes in an airplane bathroom? Not so easy! And speaking of that, have you seen the "changing table" in an airplane bathroom? I don't know if I can even call it that. I think I could if you baby was only 12 inches long... Do you have any children and airplane stories?

Now, back to the homefront while we were gone! Not so much fun for my mom. She stayed at our house with the dog, Maya! We are so gratelful that she did! The morning of the day we were set to come home a hose in the fridge sprung a leak and flooded the kitchen. Water everywhere! She was in panic mode for a bit , but got it handled. She sought out help from the neighbor who came in and figured out where the leak was and stopped it. Needless to say, if she hadn't stayed at the house for the week, we could have potentially came home to a really BAD situation! Thanks mom!!

Did I mention we have great neighbors!?! The same one also cut our grass. Good thing too, because my dad was going to cut it , but turned out that night we went to the ER with chest pains. They admitted him for tests, but it is all good now! We think it is really chronic acid reflux of some sort!

Geez, you leave for a week and everything goes crazy!! All is good now! Back to the daily grindstone!! Jack is back to work, I am back to mountains of housework, and the kids are back to their thing!

Can I take a vacation now?! :o)


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