09 July, 2008

Our adventures in PA ...

Well, we made it to PA and back without major incident! Well at least on our end! ( I will explain later!) I will share our vacation in multiple posts as not
to overwhelm you with a really long one with lots of pics!
That way you can read only the "adventures" that interest you!!

We start off with the 5 of us bumbling through the airport with a stroller, 3- 50lb bags, car seats, 4 carry on bags, and smiles on our faces!! The plane ride was very smooth, no issues, Savannah ate and then slept the whole flight! (tip: fly during their naptime!!:o) Nathaniel did well with his cough. We made it without being thrown off the plane!! We landed in PA to a "balmy" 76 degrees! What a nice break. The air was cool and crisp! Did I pack my warm clothes? :o) It was great to not have the

humidity. We then drove to my hometown of Butler, PA! We checked into the hotel that Jack and I had our wedding reception at! WOW, it has changed! Still brought back memories though! Our anniversary was July 6th. So it was really cool to go back and see where it all began 12 years ago! The kids thought it was pretty cool too!

We then drove over to visit my "aunt" and my "cousins"! (technically my cousin something removed and cousins something something removed!) They have always been very close to us and were there every day since the day I was born. They were very anxious to meet Miss Savannah! She didn't disappoint! She slapped on that signature Savannah smile and everyone ooohhed and ahhhed! Here is Savannah with "Aunt Terry"!

After a long afternoon and evening, we headed back to the hotel for the night! The next morning we woke up nice and early and headed out to State College to visit Jack's family! On our way out we stopped by the church Jack and I got married in. Not much has changed there! Very fun to go back memory lane for just a minute... then back to the reality of a fussy baby and two fighting kids in the back seat! :O)

That is State College, PA for those who don't know!!

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  1. DanielleW said...
    I am officially NOT speaking to you! You were in BUTLER???? Whatever. I would have painted your nails because I WAS your friend.


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