09 July, 2008

Off to Happy Valley!!


I can't say that our blood runs blue and white, but we do have a lot of ties to Penn State and State College!! Jack's family has lived there for years and years. Jack went to college at Penn State! I went to business school there. This is also where Jack and I set up our first home together. It was fun driving the kids around and sharing little stories here and there about our life before them! We have had our picture taken on the "nittany lion" before! It was so fun to take the kids back and take theirs on it! Savannah was very enamored by it! I think secretly, Jack was very excited to share his alma mater with his little "lions"!!

We did alot of driving around and site seeing until the rest of the Gooch family arrived in town for the 4th of July and family reunion. The university has change quite a bit. The town , however, remains the same! And the highlight for the kids... seeing the "huge mountains"!! Anything would be huge to a 7 year old that only sees the flat lands of FL! Here is a pic. of Mt. Nittany!

This MT. is one that is famous with all Penn Staters! It has a hiking path on it to a beautiful lookout at the top. You can see all of Penn State and the valley from here. A lot of the ariel pics of Penn State have been take from this location. It has also been the spot of many marriage proposals!! Not mine, however. Jack and I did hike it though! That was 20 lbs, more energy and younger legs ago!! As I look at this mountain and many more along our travels in PA, I am reminded that the awesomeness of God created this beauty. And he made our two states so different to serve different purposes!! Amazing!!

Next... a family affair and fireflies!!


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