29 June, 2008

So we are off to PA on tuesday! I am not really ready, but I can pretend! I figure there isn't anything that I could forget that I can't buy when I get there!! Very un-frugal of me, but helps my packing stress!! The family (Jack's side) hasn't met Savannah yet, so everyone is really excited. We can't wait to share our little sweet thing with them. We are finally going to get updated family picture (I think our last family photo is missing 4 grandkids!) and have long awaited family reunion!!

Nathaniel is starting to feel a bit better. He has a terrible cough, so I am praying we don't get kicked off the airplane for annoying people!! :o) Speaking of airplane... this is the first trip with three kids. I actually don't think I have flown since Nathaniel was 6mo. old. This will be quite an experience for me as well! Packing for the new security measures is crazy! We have already had to deal with Nathaniel's anxiety about the trip. Right before school ended apparently they read something about planes crashing and 9-11!! Oh, terrific!! I had to assure him that we would be fine, the Lord is in control, and the ratio to planes in the sky everyday to crashes is like a billion to 1 (I am guessing here). All the while trying to calm my anxiety as well!

Anyway, I should have some stories to tell and photos to share when we get back!

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  1. Jess said...
    Hope you guys are having fun, can't wait to see the pictures!

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