11 July, 2008

Friendship Fridays

I know in my life I have had and do have many amazing relationships! I would like to start honoring them on a weekly basis! I encourage you to do the same! It can be a friendship with a girlfriend, special male in your life, your spouse, friendships for your children, special relationships in the community, or even family members that are so much more than family! I don't know how I would have gotten through some tough times without my relationships!

Let's honor them together!

(if someone has already started this I would like to give credit where credit is due! Also, if anyone has a cute little logo we can use, let me know!)

This is me and my friend Jennifer!! I met Jennifer back in 95-96 while attending business school in State College. We were in the same major and took all the same classes together. We seemed to hit it off! We hung out together all the time. I even remember her walking to my apartment in snow storm so we could wait it out together!! What a gal!!

I started to involve her in my personal life. I was engaged to Jack at the time so we were in the process of planning a wedding. She helped with some of the plans, hung out with me and Jack's family a bit, and was just a great friend. Well... I had something up my sleeve and it was regarding Jack's middle SINGLE brother , Jeff!! Many conversations and fix-ups-- "come up and get the cake from my apartment, Jen!":o), later... Jen and Jeff tied the knot in 98!!.

Can I tell you how awesome it is to have one of my best friends as my sister-in-law?! Being apart of a new family is very challenging for anybody, but to have someone to go through the ups and downs with is so comforting! We don't get to pick our family members or in-laws! I am so grateful!! She is a great addition to the family and she and Jeff have given us 2 more precious nieces! I don't know what I would do without her friendship!

Love you JEN!!

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  1. Kelly said...
    Friendship Friday's - what a good idea. I'll keep this in mind whenever I blog on Fridays. I'm glad to see you are enjoying blogging!

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