27 July, 2008

Calgon, take me away!

So my poor parents have lived for 11 days without their A/C! In Florida that is just unacceptable and unbearable. They were going to have it fixed the next day, however, we had an idea that it might be the compressor and that is REALLY expensive. So, me in a brilliant moment (which I don't have very often) suggested that they use their home warranty that they got when they purchased their house. Sweet, a $55 service call and that should be the only expense. We were thinking "cool"-- well, not really in their house yet-- it was going to cost them upwards of $1000.00 to get it fixed. Well, days went by... still no air. They got several different stories about how the part had to be ordered and was on its way. What a crock. This is FL . people!! Finally, after calling my dad's normal A/C guy, they came up with the idea to ask the Home Warranty co. for a "buy out". (give my dad cash for the repair) They did. Not the full amount, but at this point it is worth it just getting out from under the Home warranty people!! He called his A/C guy back and he was there the next day and repaired it. 11 days later, they finally had air. The air got fixed this past Friday.

The irony... I woke up this morning and MY air is out!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!! Guess , I will be calling my dad's awesome A/C guy!

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  1. Under the Florida Sun said...
    oh my! What a story! FL with no ac is almost unthinkable!

    We moved here the year all 4 hurricane hit. We were living in a rental when Charly hit and we were without ac or electric ANYTHING for 8 days. It burnt me out on ever wanting to go camping again.

    Hope your ac is fixed soon!!

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