26 June, 2008


Why is it that everytime we plan an event, plan a party, plan a vacation, have something important to do——- The house ends up SICK?!

Haylee was sick last week. She got over it in a couple of days but missed her beloved “musical “ rehearsal.

Nathaniel is sick today with a temp. , vomitting, and headache. He is missing a very special birthday party today and NOT happy about it at all! He also was camping this past weekend and burned his leg pretty good. Mostly all second degree burns but some third degree. Can't wait till I go out in public and get stared at for "burning my child"! You know that is what people think!

Savannah isn’t showing signs of being sick yet, but she has this nasty rash all over her body that would lead people to ask “what is that?” I think it is prickly heat, but with my luck....

Did I mention that we leave on tues. for PA for vacation? Well of course we are!! The kids are all sick! We also can tell when something big is going to happen… the kids are all sick! Without fail!

I will blog about our wonderful vacation to visit the family!

Does this happen to you? Unreal!!


  1. Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...
    This used to happen every time we went to Georgia to visit Cory's parents. I think it happens less the older they get. Although I could attribute some of healthiness to juiceplus (I know Jess will read this and have something to say) :)
    Kelly said...
    Oh man, that stinks! Have a great vacation.

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