27 June, 2008

Movie Mania!

To break from the business of packing, cleaning, and trying to get the kids healthy before our trip to PA, we decided to meet some friends at the movies to see the new movie Wall-E from Disney and Pixar! The kids have been dying to see it. I know , I must be crazy to go the opening day, but that is the fun of it!!
I have found in the past by experience that if you order your tickets in advance from MovieTickets.com, you can pick them up at the will call window, bypass any lines, and be guaranteed a seat! Works beautifully! Also is you are a movie watcher member there is no service fee to order them online!
Wall-e was very cute! Only Disney/Pixar could do a cartoon about two robots falling in love and saving mankind! The kids really enjoyed it! However, Haylee crawled up into my lap with sad puppy dog eyes when Wall-e had a short bout of amnesia and forgot his "love" Eva! (How "Hollywood" of them!) The kids got the obvious messages-- I on the other hand looked deeper and discovered that if I have everything handed to me, don't get off my butt to exercise, and eat constantly... I will end up fat, lazy, and relationship less! ( you will understand when you see the movie! :o)
I love movies! I will do my best to review the movies when I see them. I sometimes wish someone would have told me ..."Don't go see that one, it is a waste of your time." OR "that one will scare the living daylights out of the kids and send them to therapy for the rest of their lives"! I am usually very good at checking out the movies at the Kids in Mind website prior to seeing them, but sometimes it slips my mind. This site is fantastic. It reviews every portion of the movie. Beware, if you read the review it pretty much will give you everything that goes on in the movie so if you want to see it and be surprised, don't read the review from this site. They use a rating system for violence, sex, and profanity and proceed to tell you exactly what is it it!! I love it!!


  1. DanielleW said...
    Another great site to check out movies and the message they may be sending is http://www.pluggedinonline.com/movies/. I *believe* it is sponsered by Focus on the Family.

    Guess who I saw yesterday while I was helping a couple from my church run errands? Aunt Terri! So I told DS the conection to "those people that we visited in FL". Then today, while we were walking a friends dog, we passed your old, OLD house and again, brought up "those people" LOL But Cameron remeberd yours and Nathaniel's names. Impressive
    Brandi said...
    How fun. . I heard this movie was SO good! I think Brayden will like it. . can't wait till it's at the collar theater!

    Anonymous said...
    Hey Kelly,
    We also went on opening day! I don't think I have ever done that! It was good...very different, but good. I loved Wall-e...amazing how they can make an ugly trash compactor so cute and loveable! :) Christie
    Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...
    My kids can't wait to see this.

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