16 April, 2011

Sunny Splashin' Saturday !

Today was such a beautiful day.  Hubby and princess had rehearsal ALL day for Sound of Music ,so I packed up the other two and headed to our quaint little downtown for the farmers market and to let Monkey play for a while in our brand new splash pad.  What a great area!!!  It has added even more excitement and charm to our downtown area!  After some fun in the sun, we went to lunch at the local pizza place. (our favorite!)  I really enjoyd our day!!!  Here are some fun pics!!
Took her a while , but she warmed up the shooting streams of water from the ground beneath!  :o)
Dashing between splashes to follow mom!

Big brother too "big" for the splash pad, but patiently waited without complaint so his sister could play!

Found mom among the fountains!!
This woman was standing at the foot of the splash pad , arms raised, bible in hand... praying over the pad and the families there!  I love it!  I then noticed her later walking around downtown , praying over our town.  If only we all had that much conviction to go and openly prayer for strangers!!!

GOOD day!!!
My you too find "sunshine even on a cloudy day!"  ;o)

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  1. Largaespada Family said...
    I had NO idea this was in Winter Park! We will have to come out and play one day! I see a play date coming!

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