18 April, 2011

I heard a song on the radio that is an oldie but goodie by Christian music's standards!  It is by a group called Avalon.  I think the timing of this song is very significant  being played this week as we go into "passion week"--The week prior to the Death, burial , and glorious resurrection of our Lord Jesus!  My mind and heart cries out for you to take the stories and really seek the reality of them!

I have grown up in a Christian home most of my life.  Went the Sunday school like a good girl, joined the youth group, memorized scripture, and even attended a christian school from 1st- 12 th grade.  I heard the stories, my parents drilled them in   But at a point , we have to evaluate ... are they just stories-- just a page of history?  There is a time when all these stories become the catalyst for making your faith your own-- not just what your parents want you to believe.  To know him is to love him and to love him is to make him your everything!

What does the story of Easter mean to you? Is it just a story, or do you live it, breathe it, thank HIM for it!  Do you read the story and then put it back on the shelf till next Easter?  Our Lord did the most amazing thing for you and I... came to earth in human form, took on the critics, testified to the truth of our heavenly father, was beaten, and crucified all because of his love for us. 

Is HE everything to you... is he how you live, breathe, talk, act?  Have you made he stories a reality in your life?  I love how Avalon sings it... they can do a much better job of sharing my heart with you.  So here you go!

Have a great day!

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  1. Jackie Sue said...
    Hey Kel. Did you leave a sweet note on my blog? Thank you so much if it was you... I heard this song and sang it LOUD in my car...love it! Jaime said y'all had lunch today...someday I'm gonna have to crash a westside lunch :-) Take care. I'm always keeping up w/you on FB. Is Sound of Music over already...I am hoping not so I can see it. How was your girl?? Great I bet. Take care. Hey to Gooch from us!

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