14 March, 2011


Princess had an opportunity to take part in a flash mob in our city!  It was choreographed and planned by friends of ours, so when the plea for participants went out.. .of course Princess jumped right on board!  Me... not so much!  I will leave the drama, dancing, and singing to her!  You are welcome!!!!

They first did it at a local shopping area and then went to our little down town area to do it for all the unsuspecting bikers, shoppers, and Sunday strollers!!!  It really went well!!!  They all did a great job!! If you are looking for princess , she is in the center then gravitates to the right side!
Enjoy !!!!!!!

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  1. Largaespada Family said...
    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I LOVED IT!!!! More more more!

    How exciting that princess got to be involved :)

    Next time you need to jump in Kelly!


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