13 December, 2010

Santa Success!!!

 WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Monkey was all excited to go and visit Santa this year.  Of course I was fully expecting her tune to change once we go there like last year!  If you don't remember last year... let me remind you HERE!  Last year's picture was one for the record books!

This year was much better!  She didn't scream and run out of the pagoda.  She was however looking a little petrified!  She told Santa what she wanted and insisted that she wasn't going to touch him!  Guess what, she sat on his lap AND kissed his check!  Reluctantly , but did!!!  This year's picture was much better!!!
There is one more thing different about the two pics!!!  My older two are missing!  Yes, we crushed their hearts and did away with Santa for them!  Actually... the "there is no santa conversation" didn't go as badly as I thought!  My oldest said that he already knew because logic had set in!  :o)  So yes, they couldn't be bothered with a picture with santa this year if it wasn't going to yield any rewards!  Santa did manage to get princess involved so her sister would be more at ease! 
Now I just have  keep reassuring monkey that I won't let the big, fat, hairy, old man into her bedroom on christmas eve.  She is sort of freaked about him "coming into our home in the middle of the night under the cover of darkness, sneaking in, and eating our food."  Her little minds blows mine sometimes!  I have to admit, once you really sit an think about it... it IS kinda creepy! 


  1. Dee said...
    Yay for Santa pics! My baby SCREAMED!!! BUT Evan did good. :) What are you talking about-No Santa? He still visits me at my mom's house! :)
    Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...
    what a difference a year makes
    Amy said...
    I am so glad to find your blog.

    We are on the edge with my six year old. I think she knows what goes on, but gets the picture to please her Aunt Linda. LOL

    I will be stopping by often.

    God Bless

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