06 November, 2010

Who , who, was that?

So my kids are sort of obsessed with OWLS now since seeing the movie "legend of the guardians- the owls of ga hool" and reading the books!!!!!  So when one of dad's co-workers sent him some information about an owl festival at the Avian Reconditioning Center,  well... duh!!!  So we went!!!  The A.R.C. is a great place for owls and birds of prey that are in transition from injury or are in need of a permanent home due to displacement or injury!  They also use their birds for a great education mission! My son's class went to the center a couple years ago and adopted one of their owls!  It was so cool to walk in and see the exact owl, Hunter, that the kids adopted!!!  He was super excited!

There were bounce houses, vendors, flight demonstrations, falconry demonstrations, entertainments, and of course TONS of birds to oogle over!  Man , are they beautiful and right there w/i inches of you!

Enjoy the pics!!!

 This is Hunter, the owl my son's class adopted!!!
He lost his eye due to an attack.

 Gosh, I still can't get over how majestic and
beautiful these guys are !!!!


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