15 November, 2010

 This was one crazy weekend!!!  It first started out on Sat. morning when we all piled in the van to drive 2 1/2 hours to go spend the day at a much anticipated air show down near West Palm Beach!  Well, that didn't go well.  We got about 45 minutes into the trip and the transmission on the van blew!  We made it off the turnpike into a walmart parking lot.  No air show today!  Thank you Lord, we didn't make it the whole way there.  We wouldn't have anyone to come and pick us up!  And that would have been one expensive tow!!

We got the van towed, got a rental car, and shook off our disappointment!  (dear Lord let the estimate not be a bazillion dollars!)  We spent some time at the lakefront park, had a picnic,and got some ice cream!  We made the best of our day!

Sunday... Daddy and grandpa packed up and drove to Tampa to attend the Bucs/Panthers football game!!  Yeah Bucs!!  They won!  The kids and I went down to Disney for a special pre-screening of the new Disney movie TANGLED set to come out next week!  After getting our free popcorn, drinks, and body search.... (well the movie hasn't been released yet, wouldn't want it to end up on youtube) we were settled in for the movie!!  My review..........  GO SEE IT!!!  It is so good!!!  The 3D is good!  Very cute!!  The kids LOVED it!  It will be a great holiday break "thing to do"!!  (saw a great trailer for the new movie TRON-- that is high up on the list too! )

After the movie, we stuck around downtown Disney for the "festival of the masters" !  It is a Disney arts festival basically!  All sorts of Disney artist, animators,and crafters joined together!  Of course the major hit of the day with our group, THE LEGO store.  They had a master builder there building a 9ft tall dragon.  The kids got to build a "brick" as per his instructions, then take them to the dragon, get a participation certificate and then see their brick added to the enormous dragon.  They also had all sorts of artist who made lego models out front for viewing!
 Building their bricks!

 Monkey had to get her pic taken with her favorite, Tinkerbell on a lego mural!
 Here is the start of the finished project!

Some Star Wars models!!
All in all, the weekend was challenging, flexible, and fun fun fun!!!!!!!  Hope yours was good!


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