02 September, 2010

End of the summer horah!!

As our one last fun trip of the summer, we took the kids to SEA WORLD!  After our trip to Ft. Myers, they were all still in love with all sea life... so what better way to end the summer!  I am sure everyone has heard of the sea world controversy by now surrounding the death of Trainer Dawn... there are indeed some changes, but nothing that would hinder us from having a great experience and enjoying the shows!
I think they named every creature they saw! 
This was "brian"... he kept following us around the tank!
Getting a bit sleepy!
And... she's out!!!
 Crazy stingrays!!  They would have jumped out of the water if they had legs!!  By the time we left their pool, we were soaked!!!
Yes, some changes... ALL the trainers have their hair up and out of the way.
NONE of the trainers got in the water at any time.  Still a great show of some awesome creatures that God has created!
Don't forget... no matter how much you think they are trained ... they are still WILD animals created by God for their purpose.  They will never lose that instinct that God gave them to be WILD animals... some are more easily interacted with than others... RESPECT!!!!!
She is praying and thanking God for all the animals we saw this day!  Yes, she
listed them ALL!
Can't get away from our favorite sport or driver anywhere!!!

The kids are back to school now!!!  They are adjusting to life as a 4th grader and a middle-schooler! 
Monkey and I are hanging out getting some stuff done before our year really kicks into gear!  MOPS starts this coming TUES ( I am one of the coordinators for our group!) so busy life here I come!!!  So excited though!  God has got some good things going on!!!


  1. Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...
    sounds like a fun day
    McCrakensx4 said...
    Looks and sounds like a fun day and a great way to end your summer. Hope you have a great school year!

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