19 August, 2010

Treasures in the garage!

So  I was going through some stuff in the garage this morning and found a play hut set that my older two kids had when there were very young!  I didn't even realize that I had kept it!  AWESOME!  With it being SO stinkin' hot here in FL, it is a challenge finding something to do.  The kids are all "swimmed " out for the time being, so it is stuff indoors that will have to work!
Monkey is so happy!  I am happy the play hut is getting a second chance at life!

Thanks goodness for a brief moment of being a pack rat!!!  :o)  My husband would be so proud!
What are some things you have forgotten you have kept, and are now able to revive to new life?
(FYI:  monkey does have pants on!)
Have a great thursday!!  Keep cool!!

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  1. MomLovesDeals said...
    haha, my first thought was "Why did she take a picture of her in a diaper? That's weird and I thought she was almost potty trained." Thanks for clarifying!!

    One thing I am so glad I saved was all my older son's shoes. They are so expensive so I am proud of myself for thinking that far ahead because I haven't bought one pair of shoes for my younger son.

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