05 June, 2010

Win an Apple Ipad!!!!!

MOM TO BED BY 8 is having an awesome give away!!  I am IN!  I was just telling my  hubby last night how much I REALLY wanted one!  An APPLE IPAD!!!!!!  My life is so busy and on the go... I really would LOVE a personal assistant and I think this is the answer to that prayer!  (or I may have to move to France... I have heard that the govern. there provides you free of charge a nanny/assistant when you have kids!  ) 

So join my desire and enter to win this awesome toy!!  CLICK HERE for full details!!

Contest ends July 2nd!

Speaking of giveaways!!!  My blogiversary is coming up VERY soon!!  I love to give back to my faithful readers!!  Stay tuned for details for this awesome giveaway!!!!

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  1. Alexis AKA MOM said...
    Oh wow wouldn't that rock to win :)

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