04 June, 2010

Awards and Bowling!

Yesterday was princess' award ceremony!  This has been an interesting award year!!  We usually have the award ceremonies at the school as a whole school, but due to construction on our campus-- new gym, woo hoo!!!-- we don't have room for all the parking yet.  So they told all the classes to take their awards ceremonies off campus and have fun with it!  If you remember, my boy had his at a pool!!  Princess' class had hers at the local bowling alley!!  They had a blast bowling, eating pizza and getting their awards!  Side note:  MONKEY ate 4 pieces of pizza -- ya think she is going through a growth spurt?!  :o)

Anyway, princess got the "loving spirit" award! She also got A/B honor roll!!   Then out of her whole class she was one of 4 kiddos that got the "presidential fitness award"!  You go girl!!!  Here is princess and her best gal, who happened to get one of the other fitness awards!

I am so proud of my kids!!  They have had a great year!  Through the ups and downs, homework trials, and drama... they have come out on top!   They have worked hard all year!  Today is the last day of school!  This is the last day of elementary school for my boy!  Oh, that really makes me nauseated.  Lord help me now. 

Love you guys!!!  You did awesome! 


  1. McCrakensx4 said...
    That is Fabulous!! Congrats to Princess and what a fun way to receive her award...at the bowling alley!!
    The Real Me! said...
    I bet everyone is ready for a little summer fun huh?
    She is so precious and so proud of her award. Too cute!

    Have a great weekend.
    Alexis AKA MOM said...
    Oh man you make me teary :). What a precious post and they did awesome!!! Oh wow one out of Elementary school. I'll be praying for you :) hehe

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