22 May, 2010

The curtain has closed on our beloved show!!!  Princess had a BLAST!!!  The was such an awesome experience for her!  She made a lot of great friend and learned some things too!!!  The reviews for the show were outstanding!!!  For a little community theatre's self produced show...  many are saying was as good if not better than some of the traveling broadway series shows!!!  WOW!!

The last show was bitter sweet!!  No more long rehearsals, but no more Joseph!! We could tell it had overtaken our lives when I heard the baby singing in the other room, "poor poor Joseph , what ya gonna do?"  It touched ALL of us!!!  I am so grateful for a great experience for her!!!  After the final curtain call, we headed off for an ALL cast party!!  Good times!!  Enjoy the pics!!!!

Someone order a "technicolor" rainbow for our cast party?

Thanks again to the entire cast and crew for all your hard work!!! 
It was a pleasure being a part of it with you!!!!


  1. Jodi Sloboda said...
    Our community theater did Joseph last year. Love that musical!
    McCrakensx4 said...
    Glad that you all had an amazing experience!! What fun!

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