12 April, 2010

1. Had to show tough love to my boy this weekend. So not fun!!!! He wanted to go to a sleepover that I really wanted him to go to , but in view of his terrible choice... he missed out. He was NOT happy, nor was I , but I would rather show him tough love now than when he is 25 and dealing with REALLY big consequences!

2. Did some more major landscape work!! I will post a pic when it is all complete. Just waiting on some lava rock to finish it off. I think we are making progress!!

3. It was tackle the garage weekend as well! Ugh... not our favorite chore! My hubby really drags his feet when it some to the garage!! We are organizing and throwing things out!! Garage sale time is right around the corner for our neighborhood!!

4. Came home from taking the kids to school Friday morning to find out I needed a plan B for dinner... considering that the dog took the 4 frozen packaged chicken breast off the stove and a snack. YUP... raw, frozen , still shrink wrapped from the store, and included LOTS of bones (and she ate the gell packet under the chicken for freshness)! UGH!!! I thought she was either going to die or I was going to kill her at days end.

5. Dog redeemed herself on Saturday. We were doing yard work. Monkey was in the driveway playing, I was planting bushes, and the dog was tied on her chain to the van. A dog suddenly came charging down the sidewalk barking and making a beeline right for Monkey... My dog broke off her chain--- just split it in two-- and chased the dog out into the street away from our house. She was barking, growling, snarling... I was sort of freaked out, because our dog was trying to bite the other dog, but after I caught her and put her in the house... It then occurred to me that Monkey was in the driveway... she was protecting her family!! GOOD DOG!!!!!!! You are redeemed!!! Just stay away from my chicken!! :o)

Blessings!!! Have a great week!!!


  1. Dee said...
    tough love can be hard! But you're right..better now! Can't wait to see the landscaping!
    Danielle said...
    Can't wait to see some pictures of the landscaping. We landscaped sometime last year... what a chore that was.

    Thanks for stopping by today. Following you now.
    Velvet Over Steel said...
    I loved your random thoughts! Thanks for sharing them with us! Tough love is hard, but for the best. My older boys each got grounded from their cars when they were both in high school. One whole month each of them, each time, just 2 years apart. It was not fun for me to have to drive them to 5am weights again. But while worth the lessons they each learned. Just an example, but that's my favorite one. :-)

    Have a GREAT week, Kelly!
    ~ Coreen

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