09 April, 2010

So, I got my netflix envelope in the mail yesterday and pulled out "OLD DOGS"!
To start... I saw the trailer (below) and thought this was going to be a funny movie! Robin Williams is one of my favorite comedic actors to begin with! Throw one of my favorite dramatic actors, John Travolta and we might just have magic!!

I had NO idea this movie would be this funny!!! From start to finish...I was full out laughing my head off. Like when he gets the wrong tatoo... oops wet my pants laughing so hard! Or when he tries to get a spray tan... oops wet them again. Even when they take each other's pills and experience some crazy side affects... okay, gotta change my pants now!!

Despite the funny... the drama and story line was so great as well! It was a touching story of two best buds that stick together come hell or high water! It is also the story of a man who realizes his true happiness and priorities!

Is it for kids... I think so. It is rated PG. There are some references in it that might need to be explained, but you can check out the full synopsis at my favorite site KIDS IN MIND!!

On a side casting note: this was Bernie Mac's last movie before he passed away. Also Emily, one of the "twins" is Ella Bleu Travolta... John and Kelly Preston's daughter!!
Kelly is the mom in the movie as well!!


  1. Jenn Lyons said...
    I was perusing Redbox last night and trying to decide if I wanted to rent this one. Now I know I should check it out :) Thanks for the review! Jim and I love to laugh so we'll have to rent it tonight :)
    Kathy C. said...
    I wanted to see this when it was at the Theater, but we never made it...so now I need to look for it on DVD...thanks for the review!!!

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