05 April, 2010

After many entries and some bloggy love..... we put all the names in our handy dandy pink Easter egg bucket!

Monkey did the honors... don't worry... she isn't that much of a genius yet and can't read!
AND THE WINNER IS: yes, I know you can't see it very well... I really need a new camera! Anyone having a camera giveaway? Hehe!! Don't you just hate when ppl talk on and on when they are trying to listen intently for the piece of information they are dying to hear like when Ryan Seacrest takes tons of time and DRAGS it out for every on American Idol....
Okay... sorry!!!!!!!!!

ERICA from Super Duper Coopers!!!!!
Erica, you have won the little tikes activity table!
Thanks again to allchildrensfurniture for sponsoring this giveaway!!!

Erica has 48 hours to email me your mailing address so we can get your table out the door and in your home!! Happy Easter!!

Thanks to all of you who participated in this giveaway!! I love all of you!! Thanks for keeping me blogging! Stay tuned for more exciting stuff!! Hint, hint... my blogiversary will be coming up this summer!!! Time for another giveaway I supose!! :o)


  1. He & Me + 3 said...
    Congrats to Erica!
    Erica said...
    WOW! This is definitely a first -- I can assure you that it will be well loved at our house! Thank you!

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