22 March, 2010

1. Birthday parties are always fun for getting the gifts! My nephew ... boy how he has grown! Can't believe it!! You are one handsome man , my boy!
2. A toddler will inevitably get pummeled in a bounce house if not supervised! Even though the bounce house was labeled for the little ones, the big kids are drawn to rule breaking!
3. Big girls can have fun too!! No I didn't get in the bounce house... I felt like it though!
4. Monkey loves her cousins!! She kept chasing them around the "gym" asking them to bounce w/ her!! They were getting a little annoyed because they were all trying to play hide and seek, but generally they are good sports!
5. Dinner out w/ friends can soothe the soul!! Especially when you have an awesome friend that introduces you to your new BFF!! I took a picture just to remember our introduction!! Oh how I LOVE thee!!!
I end with this awesome picture!!! Enjoy-- Banana split cake, cheesecake w/ caramel coconut, apple strudal, and peanut butter pie to die for!! Can you taste it? Have a great week!!!


  1. He & Me + 3 said...
    Yum to that dessert at the bottom and those bouncy places are so fun. Love monkey's pig tails. cute.
    McCrakensx4 said...
    Wow what a fun bday party! We had a bounce house for Bren's party last week and we kept having to take turns between the little kids and the big boys!! And those desserts look oh so yummy! Now I think I need some chocolate!

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