23 March, 2010

A girl and her shoes!

So this will have to be the last time I take Monkey to the pick out her own shoes! We walk into the shoe store... ( we went for sneakers) and she makes a beeline for the Easter dressy shoes, fancy sandals, and crazy colored shoes! Between her ripping down fancy shmancy shoes, I managed to get some sneakers on her feet to try on. After choosing the shoes I wanted her to have, I turn around to leave and she has these hot pink, princess, sparkly shoes on her feet--- looking at me with her "monkey" eyes... she says, "oh, mommy pretty shoes!"

Really? how can I resist! So I look at the size. It was the wrong size.
Here comes WW3!! "honey, I have to take them off to get you the right size." *SCREAM * "NO" "pretty shoes" "NO!!!!!" After multiple stares... I finally convince her with the identical pair, that she needed to take the wrong shoes off and try on the correct size! Mission accomplished... momentarily.
"Honey you have to take them off now so I can pay for them!" *SCREAM* "NO" "pretty shoes" "NO!!!!!!!!" NOW, really--- dear shoe store... is there some reason you can't put the silly prices on the box and not inside the shoes thus forcing parents to traumatize their children by stripping them of the very thing that is rocking their world at that moment?!!! I digress....

Finally I convince her that she will get the shoes back after I pay for them. So she strolls up to the register with them in hand and barefoot ... waiting for the lady who is taking forever to bestow her prize treasure back onto her feet!!
Finally.... the princess shoes back on the princess.
She has NOT taken them off since we bought them and now must sleep with them beside her bed!! All for the love of shoes!!!
I think I might try this approach next time I want a nice pair of shoes... think it will work on my husband?


  1. The Not So Perfect Housewife said...
    Awww!! So precious!!! She is so sweet. What a princess!
    Anonymous said...
    Mack had a pair of sandles that Nana got her when she was about 1 1/2 - she would SCREAM when it was time to take off those shoes! :) I saved them, of course!


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