20 January, 2010

I ache for Haiti!

I am sure most of your have heard! How could you NOT? Haiti has been hit my a catastrophic earthquake that pretty much leveled the country! Three days prior to the earthquake a team from NEW MISSIONS went to Haiti to pass out Christmas shoe boxes and supplies to the poverty stricken country! New Missions has been working in Haiti for the past 27 years. I love this organization. They have such a great heart for service.

A part of this team was my sweet friend!! She was so excited to go and counted down the days! Her heart was overwhelmed with JOY to be able to go. So she packed up and left her hubby and 3 small kiddos! When we heard about the quake.. we waited for word from her. Finally... she was fine... the whole team was fine! They were rescued from the beach by the US forces in Black Hawk helicopters and taken to the Dominican Republic. There they caught a flight home to Central FL.

Please don't forget Haiti!! This is a video put together that they showed at a recent fundraiser. It features our NEW MISSIONS team from Central FL and my dear sweet friend. She is the woman at the beginning! It also shows the moment the quake hit! It will move you, literally!!

Haiti Earthquake from New Missions on Vimeo.

I will certainly NOT forget Haiti.... her name is Jessica and we LOVE our sponsored child! She needs us now more than ever. We have been sponsoring her for almost 2 1/2 years now!! We love her sweet little letters!! We haven't heard anything from the organization about the status of our sweet Jessica, but we know she is in the Lord's mighty hands!!

If you can help visit New Missions website!! I know now more than ever... little ones will need your support!


I was told that if I haven't heard from New Missions re: Jessica then she was safe!! PTL!!!

Also ... if you go over to THE NEWLYWEDS BLOG she is donating $$ to relief for Haiti for every comment that is left on her post!! GO... such a simple easy way to help!


  1. Darcie said...
    Thank you, thank you so much for sharing this. There are so many similiar stories and I don't think we should ever get tired of hearing them. Hopefully by keeping the stories alive it will keep our hearts moving with compassion.
    Kathy C. said...
    Oh my goodness Kelly. That video shook my heart once again. I ache for those people, and I feel helpless. But prayer is power and if we can all remember to pray for them, if that is all we can do. It is powerful!
    Alicia said...
    I'm glad your friend made it home safely.

    It's so sad to read and see about this devastation.
    Genny said...
    I am so saddened by what the people of Haiti are going through. Bless your sponsored child! You have a beautiful heart, Kelly.
    Genny said...
    Just finished the video... bawling. Wow. And the hearts of those missionaries... so, so beautiful.
    Together We Save said...
    Thanks for sharing this, when you read personal stories it makes things seem more real. Praying for them and wishing I could do more right now.
    Jenna @ Newlyweds said...
    So glad to hear you friends were safe and that your sponsored child is safe. Thanks for the shout out on my blog, every little bit helps.
    Stephanie said...
    You do have a beautiful heart, Kelly! Glad to hear that your sponsor child is okay, I will keep her and the rest of Haiti in my prayers. Thanks for commenting on my blog. :)
    Alexis AKA MOM said...
    Wow it's such an amazing story and to see a picture just touched my heart. No news is good news, we'll keep her and everyone else in our prayers.

    I'll stop over right now to comment.

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