07 December, 2009

Here is the Disney 365 segment that the kids just filmed!

You can check out the pics and description from HERE!!

This is the directors cut, so it is grainy and has the numbers scrolling, but you can see the finished product airing NOW on the Disney Channel! We saw it around 7 ish in the evening on Sunday!!

My boy is the one you can see the most. He is the boy playing the video game right between and directly to the right of Alyson Stoner and Mikey while they are talking. Then he is right beside Mikey in the closing "bye" shot! Princess is beside Alyson when she says "wonder if I can beat the Jonas Bros." and in front of her brother during the last scene! Daddy even got in on the fun in the closing scene too. He is directly behind my boy!!

It was so much fun watching them watch themselves!
We are so blessed to be able to take advantage of these opportunities!!
Have a great week!!


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