26 December, 2009

Christmas Memories 09!

This was indeed a great year!! Nannie and PopPop were able to come and spend Christmas with us this year! We started out the week making cookies and getting some prep work done! The weather started out rainy and cold. Then for the 2 days leading up to Christmas and Christmas day it was beautiful and 77 degrees!! I do sort of miss the whole white christmas thing, but I won't complain!! Nannie and Pop Pop were more than HAPPY to leave the snow behind!

We visited Hollywood studios to see the dancing lights!! (yearly tradition!) Then we took a day to go out the Kennedy Space Center. It had been a while since we were there and kids got in free. (expired the end of DEC.) Christmas Eve service was great as usual at church!

Santa came and so did the family! We had a great HUGE family meal on Christmas day! I officially have gained a gross 20 lbs!! I LOVE family!! I just love Christmas!! (can I interject?... I LOVE THE Wii we got!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Okay, back on track.... I am so blessed. I hope you all had a blessed Christmas!
Have a great 2010! Good things are coming!!
Enjoy the slideshow!!!


  1. The Not So Perfect Housewife said...
    What a great post. And it's been a blast getting to know you through blogging this year!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look to the blog!!
    Emily said...
    Oh I like what you did with your blog! I had to come look after you said you redid yours! :) Nice!
    Kelly said...
    Thanks girls!! It was time!
    Alexis AKA MOM said...
    Love the photos and the Are we done yet I so see on the boys ALL the time :). 20lbs I'm think I'm there with ya girl! We got a wii also, now to unpack it and get my bum in gear :)

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