10 October, 2009

U2 Live 360 Tour

So I told you I was going to the U2 concert!!  WOW!!  They can really put on a show!  For not really knowing much about their music other than a view recognizable songs, It was great!  They are great showmen!!  Their set was killer.  Of course techy hubby was in HEAVEN!!

We ran into traffic on the way there- of course- but made it in plenty of time.  We couldn't find our seats at first.  We had "Club seats" ... which at the time we had no idea what that meant.  We finally found them!  They were behind a somewhat obsure door that led us into an A/C lobby with food, fun, couches, viewing booths etc.  COOL!!  We went out into the stadium to our seats to watch the concert , but then could go in and get some cool air, grab a bite, and relax on a sofa for a while if we needed.  Our seats were nice coushy ones too. --not regular stadium seats.  It was really a great experience.
Aside from A LOT of drunk and high people around us... we did really enjoy the show!

The place was packed out!!

  This is a zoomed in shot of the digital 360 video wall.  Bono is sitting at the base of the revolving bridge!

Little Bono and Big Bono!

That video wall was crazy cool!

The 360 video wall opened up and come down making a huge cone of techno. genius!!
Bono is at the end of the bridge!
We left just as he was starting his encore!!  We could hear the encore the whole way to the car( 1/2 mile away!) , so we didn't miss a thing!  Part of his encore was "amazing grace"!!  So awesome!!   Heard the whole concert and didn't get stuck in ANY traffic!!  Sweet!!

We learned from this experience: 
Don't wear nice clothes-- you may get pucked on! (not us thankfully!)
Leave an hour earlier to get to the concert of the year or you may be late!
Not all employees at the stadium know what they are talking about when asked where we go!
If you don't know the words... sing anyway... everyone is too drunk to know!
Don't get general admission seating-- you won't be able to pee, sit, eat, or breath for at least 3-6 hours!
Enjoy the pics!!


  1. He & Me + 3 said...
    I saw them when I was in College. It was awesome. He ordered pizza for the crowd. I got a piece as they passed the boxes back since i was on the floor and only a few rows back. It was so fun. I have no pictures though. that was well before digital and phone cameras. Bummer. So glad you had fun. They do put on a great show.
    The Not So Perfect Housewife said...
    Wow! Looks like you two had a great time. Love all list of stuff you learned. LOL!!
    McCrakensx4 said...
    So glad that you had a fun time! Great seats! And how awesome that he sang Amazing Grace. Fantastic
    Julie said...
    WOW!!! Looks like fun. The stage is too cool. Glad you had a good time.

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