08 October, 2009

Boy, have I been MIA!

I am SO MIA!!  The guilt is overwhelming!  My life is so full right now, but to be honest... I wouldn't have it any other way!!  The kids school is keeping me hoping as princess' class mom.  I am working on getting the house in sellable condition to put on the market in January.  Princess and my boy have their extra activities... softball and cub scouts.  Princess is doing really good, btw.  She pitched last night and didn't do too bad!  The boys have several camp outs coming up since the weather will be  getting cooler.  Monkey is almost 2 and in all her glory!!  She really keeps me on my toes!!  I love it!  Hubby is busy with work.  I used to not be so happy about that, but he is still employed and still loves his job!  What more can I ask?  We are in  week 6 or so of our "shepherding a child's heart" life group at church.  It is going great and as a group we are learning a lot on how to shepherd our kids and NOT be a task master!!

ME... I am diving head first back into ministry!  I have had a couple opportunities presented to me, and I am really excited about them.  I won't go into details now, but it is so fun and a bit nerve wracking to watch the Lord just toss things in my lap.  Discerning what I am supposed to do is frustrating at times, but I know He will lead me to the right one that He can use me the most in!  I will post when the LORD and I figure them out!

So, I will still blog when I can... it will mostly turn back into strictly a "keep in touch" blog.  I will post when special things happen, events, b-days... to keep you up to date and enable to keep the family in the loop.  I won't be spending much time doing extras like good deals, sales, meme's etc.  I love my bloggy friends and wish you all the best, but for right now ... this is the best for us!  You can find me on FB if you really like to know me and what is going on daily.  That seems to be my best way of keeping in touch with a large amount of ppl that doesn't require too much time! 

So I am simplifying  parts of my life so I can focus on the other ones!  So funny how your life has seasons too!  I can see things getting so much more busier as the kids get older, but things are also getting more richer too!!  I love my life and thank the LORD for his many blessings! 

I will keep you posted here when things arise!!  LIKE.... I am going to see U2 in concert in Tampa tomorrow!!  I will let you know how it goes!!  Hubby has been trying to talk me into it for some time!  We were blessed with tickets so ... as much as I don't really care about U2 (sorry, don't hurt me!)  I will go and spend a night out with my hubby!
Until I post again-- I will remain silent , but deadly!!  :o)  


  1. pam said...
    Great to hear from you. I know life can get so hectic, but in a good way.

    Take care!
    McCrakensx4 said...
    Busy busy! Hope you all stay well and healthy! Take care

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