27 September, 2009

A Disney day!

Every once in a while we get some amazing opportunities!! This one was to go and see the new TINKER BELL movie before it is released in Oct.! Very cute... make sure you pick this one up!
We watched the movie and then got the kids' pictures taken with Tink and her buddy Terrance, and the two trolls!!
Monkey isn't too sure... I love that she is staring at her!!
One of the highlights for me is that bpaulsenfans.com/about.htm">ROB PAULSEN was there in person to chit chat and sign autographs! Who ispaulsenfans.com/about.htm"> ROB PAULSEN you ask? Why he is the voice of "Bobble" and the bigger troll in the TINKER BELL MOVIES, but even more cool than that for me was that he is the voice of "Pinky" from Pinky and the Brain and "YAKKO" from the Animaniacs! SO AWESOME!! I love those shows!After our Tinker Bell fun... we took Monkey to meet the princesses! She has really been getting attached to Cinderella now!! She watches that silly movie over and over!! She calls out to her daily... "RELLA"!! I think she was in shock!! She meet Belle and Sleeping Beauty too, but her favorite will always be RELLA!!
We parked right there dad!!
Have a Disney Day all!! :o)
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  1. He & Me + 3 said...
    What a fun time. WE love the princesses...they are so pretty. What a magical places that is.
    Christina said...
    What a cool opportunity! Looks like it was a lot of fun. Glad Monkey got some Princess Time too!
    Alicia said...
    How fun for the family!!

    Oh my, my youngest daughter would LOVE to meet all the Disney princesses!
    The Not So Perfect Housewife said...
    Aww. Looks like you had a great day. Princess filled and all!!
    Julie said...
    How fun! I love the princess pictures and Tink looks great. I can't wait to take the girls to meet her.

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