22 August, 2009

1. UGH... school starts on Monday! It is bitter sweet! I think the kids are excited! They have great teachers this year as always! This year my boy is a part of the "school patrols" that lets kids in and out of the cars in car line! I think he is excited!!

2. Softball tryouts were Sat. Princess did really well for never playing a day in her life! She needs a little more "umph" in her swing and needs to get a hold of those ground balls! I think she is going to have a blast!~

3. We also had a garage sale on Sat.at my mom's . Once again, we did really well until about noon, then the storms came in. Blah... no more ppl came after that! I sold a couple pieces of furniture, which helped gets things a big more de-cluttered in the house as we prepare to sell in the spring.

4. Next Sunday starts our "small group" at church. Hubby and I are leading/hosting a small group in which we are studying "Shepherding a child's heart" by Tedd Tripp. I did this study before and really loved it, so I am excited to have hubby go through it. I will try and post a little snippet weekly about what we are learning!

5. I am going through a bit of a guilty depression in bloggy land. I have just been slammed with stuff getting ready for school to start, thinking about getting the house ready to sell, etc... I feel I have neglected my bloggy friends! So sorry, all! I do read a bunch when I can, but don't have the time to comment as much as I should or want to. Just know, I am reading and keeping tabs on you!

Have a great week all!!


  1. He & Me + 3 said...
    Atleast you sold some stuff. The big stuff is what counts! I love garage sales.
    Our kids go back after labor day, so we still have a while. When August hit though, they were ready to go back. I think I am now ready too:) Shhh don't tell.
    Julie said...
    Wow, busy day! Glad to hear the garage sale went well.

    BTW, no choking at Back to the Pack. They were just giving "boy hugs." :-)
    McCrakensx4 said...
    Garage sales are so great...instant gratification of getting rid of stuff and getting $$! Good for you! And I hope your kiddos do great tomorrow for their first day of school! Have a great week!

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