17 August, 2009

I can't believe the summer is almost over! Neither can the kids! So for one last BIG thing to help the summer go out with a bang... Daddy played "hooky", and we packed up and went to AQUATICA!
For those of you who aren't local... this is the SeaWorld's water park! The kids had so much fun! They have a water slide that goes through a tank of dolphins! Awesome! The kids play area was SO cool! You could spend hours in just that area a lone. A wave pool with a sandy beach... something for everyone! It is weird walking around a "theme park" in just your bathing suit! Can I just say that men in SPEEDOs should be illegal in family friendly parks. My eyes were burning... I thought it might be from the chlorine, but quickly realized it was those men! The women aren't much better... just about as bad as the beach. If it hangs out -- it should be covered up ladies! Seriously. ... anyway!!

We arrived at the park at 9:00 am (thanks to our friends for hooking us up!!) and finally left at 5:20pm. Whew... we were wiped out! Monkey had a couple of meltdowns due to her missing her nap!
Ugh... it is bittersweet that school is starting next Monday!
Good bye summer, I will miss you so!

Underwater viewing area!
Riding the rapids!

Which way do we go?
I am ready to go home now!


  1. pam said...
    What a perfect way to say goodbye to the summer break!
    He & Me + 3 said...
    That is an awesome way to end the summer. How fun! I need to start planning our finally too. You are so right about the speedos. Ewww.
    Julie said...
    We loved Aquatica too. Water parks are so fun. I could not agree more with you about the swim suits. It does make you feel pretty good about yourself, seeing all those not-so-pretty bodies in swimwear! ;-)
    The Real Me! said...
    I wish they would close it down for just my family! LOL Cause those speedos are not something I wanna see and the half naked women are something I don't want my boys and husband to see! LOL
    They should have a dress code! Maybe on Sundays or something.LOL

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