30 July, 2009

I thought it would be fun to explore all things Disney through fun facts and secrets!! You may get something confirmed or even learn something new!! Are you ready? Here we go!!!

Next time you take a walk down Main Street, U.S.A. take a close look at the castle. You will notice that the "bricks" get smaller the higher up the castle goes. This technique is called forced perspective. The castle looks a little taller than it would if all the "bricks" were the same size.

Did you know that the original plans for Disneyland were to be in the shape of a Mickey head, but Disney thought it would cost too much and also said that if they wanted to expand the park, it would ruin their plans so they decided not to.

The money people throw into the wishing wells is all given to charity, as is the money thrown any-/everywhere in the park.
The Disney Princesses (as well as any face characters) are all Union Actors, not just any cast members!

Steve Martin was, in fact a magician at the magic shop. But before he did that, he sold park guide books at the main entrance. Apparently he was an amazing salesman, and could sell hundreds in one shift. He held the record for most sold for decades. Amazing since he was only around 13 at the time.

The in-character actors are not allowed to go off-character while they are in view of the public. This means that the Little Mermaid can not take off her "fins", and most important, that the actors inside the characters, such as Mickey, Donald , and Goofy CAN NOT take off their "Heads".

Well, there you have it for this edition of Fun Disney facts and secrets!!

(all facts from this edition are found at: hiddenmickeys.org )


  1. Kathy C. said...
    Interesting,...and to think I thought I knew all I needed to know about the park, lol. I love the bit about Steve Martin, that's pretty neat.
    The Real Me! said...
    Well I will have to pay attention next time we go! Very fun facts my friend.
    He & Me + 3 said...
    The next time I go I will look at those bricks. Love that the money is given to charity. How cool.
    McCrakensx4 said...
    Love all those fun facts! We love Disney! Hubs & I went there for our Honeymoon and on the cruise the first year it was sailing(1998) and visited many times! Now that we live cross country..we have gone to Disneyland a few times! So much fun!
    Tonya said...
    very cool!

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