26 July, 2009

1. Monkey decided that she would like to conquer the china cupboard. She somehow got it open, which is amazing because it sticks and I can't get it open sometimes! As a flew across the room in what seemed to be slow motion, I saw visions of shattered china all over the floor. She managed to only grab a cup and drop it on the shelf which chipped another cup! Not too much damage for what could have been a catastrophic event! :o)

2. It never fails that the prescription that the doctor prescribes is either not covered by your insurance AND is a bazillion $$ !! Monkey has a yeast infection in her diaper area that requires some different diaper rash ointment. Apparently the good ole stand by of Nystatin, which I used on the other two when they had it, isn't good enough to knock it out anymore. So she prescribed VUSION! Okay , A) insurance doesn't cover it so the assist. card she gave me doesn't work. B) I could buy it for the sum of $250 IF I can even find a pharmacy who carries it!! LOVE IT!! After much research, I found out that the active ingredient in VUSION is the same as what is in MONISTAT just in a higher dose! Guess what I bought.... MONISTAT!! Small doses mixed with Desitin diaper rash ointment should do the trick!!

3. My princess, that sweet thing, told me that I had a big belly today! What do I do with that? Ugh.... I may go into depression now! I have always stressed "HEALTH" to her-- not necessarily "SIZE 0"!! That is all I can do! It is so hard to fight society on this!

4. 8 more days till we go to Chicago and counting!!

5. Princess and her dad had date night last night! They had a lot of fun. They tried out our new "indoor mini golf" that just went in up the road! GREAT place!!

Have a great week!!


  1. Under the Florida Sun said...
    What a cute post.
    Love the tummy thing.. though I know your hating it. I have heard that before.. I think I've also heard "Mom, is your butt getting wider??" Ugh.. Out of the mouth of babes..

    Chicago! Too bad your leaving so early in morning..

    We will have to plan a beach day with Kim and Debra come September.. it would be fun to all get together.. either the beach or nice lunch at a Disney hotel ;-).

    Have a great week!
    McCrakensx4 said...
    Oh, I had heard that tummy thing too...but from the boys! Not fun to hear! And I went through a couple of crystal wine glasses one day to an unnamed little boy when he decided to get into my china hutch!!! Those kids! I hope Monkey's bottom feels better soon and good for you for finding a better solution!
    Denise said...
    Hopped over from Mikki's blog, just wanted to say hi. Your blog is so sweet.

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