10 May, 2009

Mother's day weekend!

What a great weekend!! It started off with me going to Coronado Springs Resort at Disney! I went with my bestest girlfriends in the whole wide world! We checked in and did some exploring! We then had dinner at a restaurant at the resort! After dinner, we grabbed some drinks and headed to the pool to hang out! It was so relaxing. No kids to put to bed, no one getting out of bed 30 times before falling asleep! It was heaven. It was SO great to hang out with my girls too! We all get so busy and wrapped up in our mom lives that we let our other lives go. We realized that we need a happy medium!!

We woke up in the morning after our "slumber party" and ordered ROOM SERVICE!!! Can I get whoo hoo!!? Breakfast in bed!! After getting a late check out and just lounging in our PJ's till noon! We went over to Epcot for the day! We just walked around , saw the pretty flowers, rode some rides, and visited all the cute little shops in each of the countries that we don't get to see when we are dragging the kids with us!! We didn't have any "I want that!", "I am hot", "where are the kids? , Do we have them all!!? Heaven!
Here we are looking hot, tired and icky at Epcot!!

We were SO thirsty, so our frugal minds stopped into the "try some drinks exhibit!" Here are my girls drinking "flavors from around the world!" Some were pretty gross!!!

We ended the night with dinner in Germany, one of my favorites!! By this time I really was missing my kids! I was very excited to get home!! That is one of the best "MOM" feelings! When you leave and come home! You feel refreshed and the kids really appreciate you after spending time with Dad!! When I got home hubby had to hand them off and go to work, but that was okay. I am so grateful he let me have my girls overnight!! The kids and I watched a movie on the family room floor! Then they slept with me!

Mother's day morning, I got some really amazing gifts! My overnight was the main gift, but while I was on my overnight, hubby took the kids to JoAnne Fabrics to a craft clinic and they made me picture frames!! I LOVE handmade gifts from the kids!! They had a blast with Dad and I reaped the rewards!! I also got some more flowers to add to the garden!

My boy wrote me two wonderful poems!! Glad I had kleenex! He also made candles at cubscouts!! I have the best kids ever!! Thanks kiddos for letting me be your mom! You make me SO very proud to be your mom!! Thanks hubby for letting me unwind and let loose with my girls!!


  1. McCrakensx4 said...
    How much fun was that...? I wanna night away and at Epcot for that matter! Sounds like a Fab night and day and then to come home to your kiddos and those great frames! Love it! Happy Mother's Day!
    Mindy said...
    I have to say that I agree having just been at that exhibit.....some of those soft drinks -- YUCK!!!!
    Julie said...
    Sounds like a great weekend. Glad you had fun.
    Jessica said...
    Sounds like you had a great weekend! Happy Mother's Day to you too *grin*!
    Jaime said...
    What a special treat to have a night out at a Disney Resort with no kids...Wow! I don't know what a Disney trip is without my kids. You will have to tell me all about it. And I love those homemade gifts too! Annalise went to Publix with her daddy and decorated me a cake! It was really pretty!
    Kelly said...
    Sounds like a great mother's day. It's fun getting go out without the kids and it makes you appreciate them more once you are refeeshed.

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