08 April, 2009

Signing "Please"!

Monkey has learned her next sign!! (You can catch up with our sign language journey here!)
She now does "please"! Sometimes she gets a bit carried away and REALLY wants something, so she will do "please" over and over until we give it to her!

I think secretly she wants to be a singer too! This one is for you Miss Jaime!

(sorry about the messy floors, but I am terribly unmotivated today!)


  1. McCrakensx4 said...
    She is such a cutie! I loved it when Colin did this sign, cuz he would always go overboard and look so funny! Good Job Monkey!
    Tiff said...
    LOL she's so cute!!! my two year old will use both hands to sign please. LOL

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    Abby said...
    That is cute! My son really gets into "please". He now says both "please" and "more" but he also signs very emphatically becacuse he knows it works!
    Eighty MPH Mom said...
    She is adorable...you captured something special!
    Sarah C. said...
    How sweet! :) My cousin & wife taught their oldest sign language and it truly was a blessing before he could verbalize what he wanted. A lot less frustration on everyone's part.
    Kelly said...
    Cute. Lucy is signing please too...but not too interested in most of the other signs! I think she realizes please gets her what she wants! They are smart cookies!

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