05 April, 2009

To end our spring break, the kids wanted to go and see a movie! So it was between Monsters vs. Aliens-- a dreamworks production-- and Race to Witch Mountain-- a Disney production!! Of course my kids picked the competition!! :o) So off we went to see Monsters vs. Aliens! I haven't been a fan of dreamworks' animation in the past. I again was NOT impressed! The only one I have really liked was Madagascar!

It did have some good life lessons about being yourself and being a strong independent woman!! It also sent a good message that you shouldn't judge based on the outward appearance, but look inward!! That being said... I have NEVER liked dreamworks' need for dry adult humor placed periodically throughout their animation movies! I realize that they are trying to cater to both the children and the adults that take them to see the movie, but really... I don't take my kids to see an animated movie for MY entertainment so I could care less about the adult humor that goes right over the kids heads-- or does it? Just sit back and listen someday!! They are hearing it and repeating it whether they know what they are talking about or not. It just isn't necessary!! A lot of their humor in this movie was also crude and not really needed. For instance... A man sits on a copy machine with his pants down and it shows his hairy thigh with a tattoo on it. Com'mon!! Then the monsters are discussing whether they are male or female. One comments that "HE" has boobies! SERIOUSLY? I won't even go there!

The kids did enjoy the movie from and entertainment stand point. There was action, some good kid humor, and some good lessons!! It was your classic "good over evil" movie! However, this is one we won't be purchasing for our future viewing pleasure!! You can make your own assessment by going to kids in mind and checking out their run down of the movie!


  1. pam said...
    Thanks for the review. I know Matthew has been talking about this movie, I don't think we will be running out to see it.
    He And Me + 3 said...
    Thanks...I was wondering about it...My kids want to see it, but maybe not now.
    McCrakensx4 said...
    Thanks for the review. The boys mentioned wanting to see, but I am really too cheap anyways! With the info that you gave, we might have to wait and rent it for a night.

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