14 April, 2009

I love garage sales!! Sometimes I can really find some awesome bargains!! Half the battle , though, is finding the garage sales!! There is a new website out there called "garage sales tracker"!! It is an inventive site that allows you to punch in your zip code and see what garage sales are listed in your area! Garage Sale Tracker is also two fold!!


Save money!!!
Cheaper to advertise garage sale on GST than your local newspaper.
More time.
Get up to two months exposure for your garage sale.
More time means more potential buyers.
Add images to your listing for FREE.
Increased visibility for your yard sale
Unlimited word count.
No limit on the number of words you can use to describe items in your yard sale.
Rain out guarantee.
If it rains on the day you are having your yard sale. You can change your sale date at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.


FREE to use.
Find garage sales using either the search or browse sales tools.
Filter results.
Use the “Items for sale” tool to find yard sales selling exactly what you want.
Embedded driving directions.
Driving directions to the garage sale are provided on the site. No more copying and pasting address to get driving directions.
Automated driving directions. Create an account and get automated routing instructions to all garage sales.
Contact the seller.
Have a question about an item on a garage sale listing? Call the seller or use the contact form at the bottom of each listing to contact the seller via email.

They also have a garage sale blog that helps you with all kinds of garage sale tips and advice to make the most out of your sale!! WAIT.... there is more!!! They also have COUPONS on their site powered by coupons.com!! This is the ultimate money and time saving website !!!
The more people that advertise on this site the better it will be for the buyers to find a sale!!
Check it out!!!


  1. Robyn said...
    Wow this is all great news, I will check it out and see if anyone in my area uses this!
    He And Me + 3 said...
    That is great to know. I love me some garage sales. tHanks for sharing. I am off to check that link out.
    Christina said...
    Wish I heard about this 2 months ago when I had my garage sale :-(

    I'll be sure to save that link for next time though!
    MoziEsmé said...
    Very cool - I will have to check this out! I'm constantly looking for "school" stuff for Esme.

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