14 March, 2009

1. A bagless vacuum cleaner doesn't work so well without the canister to collect the dirt. I forgot to put it back after emptying it and didn't realize it until one room later when the same piece of dirt kept ending up in different places on the floor! Oops, gotta do that room again.

2. "Goof Off" stain remover will take crayon off the stucco on the back patio. However, it will also take the paint off. Oops, gotta paint that again.

3. Space Shuttle went up on Sunday!! It is an amazing sight to see! It never grows old! It was also a very clear night so you could even see the rockets separate! (Tried to video tape it, but the card I had was full... figures!)

4. I really do LOVE Eat 'n Park smiley face cookies! (it is a north thing) Each time my in-laws come to visit, they bring us some!! This weekend they are shamrock shaped!!

5. I realized I have absolutely NO green in my wardrobe. You wouldn't really notice a particular color is missing from your wardrobe until you need it for something! I had to borrow a shirt from my mom for my MOPS meeting on Tues.

6. I asked my daughter to keep monkey busy for a couple minutes so I could get dressed without someone pulling on my leg. I think she may have thought I said keep her "dizzy"! She put monkey in the office chair and proceeded to spin her around. Then she put her down on the floor to watch her wander aimlessly like a drunken sailor. Monkey didn't do so good. She would never have survived "WIPE OUT"!! She went down and hit her head hard on the dresser. Oh, I really want some bubble wrap!!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Jaime said...
    I just love you! Such a great random thought post. You make me laugh!
    Lori said...
    sounds like a good excuse to go shopping!

    I didn't even do random weekend thoughts this weekend... I'm slacking
    McCrakensx4 said...
    Your random thoughts had me LOL! Loving the one about the spinning monkey and not making it on Wipe Out! My boys love that show!!
    Meme said...
    Love the random thoughts! I am with you on the vacuum issue, I almost lost ours due to the dog attacking it last week. And now I have another reason (what it is, 10now?) to think we are long lost sisters - I Love, Love, Love watching the space shuttle launches!!! No, I haven't seen them in person (my hubby went to school in FL so he has and agrees with you that they never get old)but we are hoping to next year. The kids of course want to go to Disneyworld, I want to go to Kennedy Space Center for the week!

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