21 February, 2009

Our day in St. Augustine!

The fourth grade class at school takes a field trip to St. Augustine, FL to discover Florida's history! I have to say, I am NOT a big history person. This trip was so fun and interesting. Discovering about how we were discovered, where names of streets came from and how "we" used to live in FL was so interesting to me. I think the kids really enjoyed seeing the places that they had been studying in class! It was SO cold, though. There was a lot of walking outside and a trolley site- seeing tour at 10am... that was really cold! The cold didn't seem to bother the kids. They were genuinely interested! Our day was jammed packed with one tour after another! We barely had time to breath, but I think had we stopped moving, we may have frozen! :0) Daddy was supposed to take our boy on this trip. They had been talking about it and planning it for months. Turned out it fell on the day of the trip to Chicago, so daddy was not able to go. I got to go, and I am happy I did!! My boy and I are convinced now that we need to bring the rest of the family up for a weekend!!

(ONE BIG THING I LEARNED THIS WEEKEND... this excited me the MOST!! Johny Depp is filming the next Pirates movie here! He finds the Fountain of Youth! For those with doubt that there would be a #4... doubt NO more!!! Whoo Hoo!!)

Enjoy some history in pictures!!

This tree was here ever since Ponce De Leon came!

An "abortion cemetery"-- not really but a very moving tribute! 1000's of tiny crosses to make their point!

Eat your heart of Jack Sparrow... I found it first!

I thought we had already found our knights in shining armour?

The one man band playing on George St.

This has got to be the most beautiful church ever. It is as beautiful inside as it is out. Mr. Flagler had this built in memoriam of his daughter and grandaughter. Mr. Flagler, his daughter, grandaughter and first wife are all buried in the mausoleum.

My boy and his group sitting on the front stairs. It is a methodist church today!It is also a replica of a famous church in Italy. I forget the name right now!

This is part of the fort that was built to help protect the people. This is the sleeping quarters. That is a little too close for comfort!

Protecting the Fort via cannons.

View of the courtyard inside the fort from the upper walls.

Ringing the Oldest School House's bell!

What a fun day!! I can't wait to go back when it is much warmer!! If you ever want to know and experience FL history at its finest... go to St. Augustine! Oh, and if anyone tells you that the first thanksgiving was when the pilgrams came over... NOPE....Technically, it was here on the banks of St. Augustine 45 years before Jamestown!


  1. Lori said...
    the school that I taught at took the 4th graders there too... I haven't been to St. Augustine yet, but I'm sure we will get there at some point
    Robyn said...
    Wow very cool pictures of your trip, thank you for sharing with us.
    pam said...
    I love history!! Thank you for sharing this through your eye. I loved this post. I think this is one of my main reasons for blogging - learning of other parts of this world through the eye of who is seeing it!!
    He And Me + 3 said...
    Very cool field trip. I am not big on history either, but St Augustine is a very beautiful historical place. Great shots..and hubby will be so thrilled that there will be a #4.
    McCrakensx4 said...
    Sounds like a super fun field trip! Glad that you had fun and learned something too! Sorry I haven't been around lately..life is getting in the way of my blogging!
    Julie said...
    CJ missed his St. Augustine trip last fall. We have been planning a trip up there to make up for it. Now, I really want to go. It looks like a fun and interesting day!
    Jaime said...
    beautiful pictures. I need to take a day trip there to do some history site seeing. I love historic towns!

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