23 February, 2009

Great cake !

Saturday was our blue & gold banquet for the cub scouts. It is sort of the ending of the season where we honor all the leaders and webelos II's moving on to Boy Scouts! This year my boy got to do the flag ceremony since he is a webelo I . It was a great night! Next year my boy will be crossing over! *wimper, wimper*! Here are just a couple of pics from last night!

Waitin' for the ceremony to begin.
Getting ready to post the flags!Our friend's twin girls just love "monkey"! Aren't they the cutest girls!?


  1. All these B's and Me! said...
    WOW! That cake is great!! Love the pictures of all your little beauties. :o)
    Debra said...

    Congrats to your son! And that cake was just beautiful too. Your children, all shine, my friend.

    Happy Monday to you!
    Anonymous said...
    In the flag photo - do you notice father and son standing in the exact same position - too cute!

    Alicia said...
    That cake looks deeeeelicious!

    And your baby literally looks like a doll in the last picture!!!!
    He And Me + 3 said...
    Yum to the cake and I loved all the pictures...your kids are precious!
    McCrakensx4 said...
    What fun and what a great cake! Brendan was a cub scout for a few months, but decided it wasn't his thing! Good job to yours!

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