13 January, 2009

That kind of week?

image by : funnycountrywesternsong.com

Have you ever that kind of week where your life could parallel a country western song? You do know what a country western song says if you play it backwards? You get your dog back, you get your kids back, you get your truck back... etc. (just had to throw that in there to lighten my week!) Anyway, last week was one of those weeks!!

It started off in the usual way. Kids up, fed, off to school! I needed to go to Target to get some stuff for the kids lunches since they had been out of school for 2 weeks. I was almost done when "monkey" starts to choke. I didn't realize she had gotten ahold of a bottle and ate the label off. (Guess they won't know how much that is!) I swipe my finger in her mouth to see what is in there. She started to cry... always a good sign. Well she was doing fine, but wanted me to hold her something fierce. So I pick her up out of the cart and carried her. While looking for my juice boxes, she started to gag again. This time she decided to solve her own problem and THROW UP on me. ALL over me and her. None of it hit the floor. It was being held in a "damm like state" between her and me. It was so gross... it was sticky luckily or it would have been all over the floor. Okay, sorry TMI!! I am standing there in disbelief with my mouth on the floor! I haven't been thrown up on in years! My older two can make it to the toilet. Yes, the baby has "spit up" on me, but this was different! Well, I said to myself, " the puke isn't going anywhere, but I need my juice boxes darn it!"

I put the juice boxes in my cart, got my coupon out so I wouldn't forget at check out, and proceeded to push the cart with one hand and hold her carefully with the other! Off to the bathroom to figure something out. Looking at the time, oh crap... I have to pick up the kids in 20 minutes. Not only that... I couldn't go home after picking them up because my oldest had a Dr. appointment. So , I had to clean her up, check out, and get home to change myself, and get to the school on time. On my way to the bathroom, everyone was staring at us. Do you know not one person offered to at the very least push the cart for me. I was amazed. I actually wasn't' embarrassed, I wear that puke as a mother's badge of honor!! I would have preferred it to be in the toilet at home and not in the middle of Target, but that is okay!! I got us cleaned up the best I could, checked out, ran home and changed my shirt, changed her and go to the school on time. Off to the Dr.

Finally we got home... my oldest had cub scouts that night too, so we were pretty rushed to get him out the door. Dinner was picked up, the kids were eating, and I was holding monkey to get her ready to eat. Would you believe she peed all over my pants. It went through the side of her diaper, through her pants and all over me. AHHH, back upstairs to now change my pants! Oh, my and this was just Monday!

The rest of the week consisted of princess being home sick, the car battery dying as I was out the door to pick up the kids from school, my chocolate pudding burning on the stove because I forgot it was there, I could go on, but you get the point!! It was truly a comedy of errors all week!

Do you ever have those kinds of weeks that you are so glad to get it over with?!

I did!! Here is to a new week!!


  1. Lori said...
    oh YUCK! I think I would have just bought a shirt at Target and gone with that.

    hope this week is 10 times better for you
    Valarie Daly said...
    Hey Kelly, I just want you to know that sometimes I feel like I have months like that!!
    He And Me + 3 said...
    Yes...I have...not fun at all, but the good thing is that the following week can only be better. LOL Here's to a better week for you!
    blueviolet said...
    You bet I've had those moments! Thank goodness they don't last forever. I'm sorry I have to giggle at you just a little bit!
    Everyday Mom Designs said...
    Wow.. Like MiMi said, it can't get worse, so this week WILL be better!
    Alicia said...
    Kelly, oh my goodness!! A crazy week is an understatement!! I can totally picture you holding your daughter in a way that the vomit doesn't go everywhere! You poor thing! And yah..I believe nobody asked to help you. That's our world these days..everyone for themself. Well, not everyone, but you know what I mean.

    Well, here's to a new week!!!
    Under the Florida Sun said...
    Kelly!! What a great post. So sorry to hear of all the craziness, but love to see your amazing humor in it all.
    If I was at Target I would have helped you :-)

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