11 December, 2008

Meeting Santa!

(Forgive me for not getting these posted earlier, but I had to figure out which one of many digital media cards I used when I was there! Love technology!)

Every year we take the kids to see that same Santa at the same place. That just sets it in stone that there IS a Santa and the ONE at Downtown Disney is THE Santa!! I don't know how much longer this will last until my 10 year old figures it out. I think he is close. We will then have to have the talk about not ruining it for the other two!

Anyway, we were in line and the kids were talking about what they were going to ask him for and "monkey" was looking at Santa laughing and flirting in her cute way!! I thought this will be a piece of cake. She is too little to realize he may have the potential to be scary! My plan was to put her on his lap first to get the "my first visit to Santa" photo and then let the other two join in.

I proceeded to put her on his lap followed by, " okay, Santa... this is her first time so good luck"! I am sure that just warmed his boots!! So far so good. She looked at him with a very intense, "hmmm, who is this man and what is going on....." look!

Then it came... the fear, the drama, the wholly cow he is big, scary, and hairy!!

I felt so badly for her!! She kept looking at me with her pouty face, then looking at Santa!! Then the other two kids came on board!! I think that helped a bit. I think the photographer got a couple nice shots!! Hey the pout makes the picture have character and reminds us very vividly of this day!! Hey, at least she didn't throw up or pee on him!! :o)

Oh, wait... I think I see an itty bitty smile!

The professional pics are set to arrive in the mail, but they are basically the same pics as we took, and I didn't want to wait any longer for those of you waiting with great anticipation!


  1. Debra said...
    The pouty face was so sad until big brother and sister came along.

    Thanks for letting me know about January's class. We will try to get in that one!

    You are so Fabulous...delayed or not! Happy Thursday, my friend.
    Alicia said...
    Awww!! Poor baby!! But, the last one looks really cute!!

    And what a great lookin' Santa!!!
    Julie said...
    That is our Santa too. My kids have justified the "Santa thing" by saying that he isn't the real Santa, but Santa is too busy to be at all of the malls. He has lots of helpers that dress like him, while he is busy making the toys at the North Pole! It works, so we go with it.
    Everyday Mom Designs said...
    Aww! Poor baby, but she's so cute and the last picture turned our great. :)
    Kelly said...
    Those are sweet pics! I love the dancing elves too!
    Under the Florida Sun said...
    Well if I was Santa, I'd hang out at Disney too!!

    What precious pictures!!
    Jaime said...
    That is a great Santa! I love your cartoon!

    Sweet pictures!
    McCrakensx4 said...
    Oh my goodness, those pics are priceless!!

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