05 December, 2008

Christmas photo drama!!

Taking our Christmas photo is usually an "all hands on deck!" event. I really don't like it very much because we do it at home to save $$ and the kids complain the whole time!! This year was no different especially since the baby was involved. Every time we would put her down to sit, she would crawl away out of the picture!! Then the dog tried to knock down the sheet we put up behind them. I thought I had to be on some hidden camera show!! I am just glad no one ended up scratched, poked, or punched! (and that hubby and I elected to NOT be in it this year!! ) Anyway... here are some of the originals pics we took and some we had an artistic director from my hubby's office fix!!

First some no so good FUN ones!!

"oh no, really... don't take my picture!"
Crazy kids!

"That is it... get my agent on the phone!"

Now for some nice ones!!

Now for some artsy fartsy ones!!

Happy Picture Taking!!

(We have a lot of Christmas festivities coming up so check back!!)


  1. Alicia said...
    Oh my gosh....HOW CUTE!!!!! You took some really good ones!!!!

    I know how hard it is to take a "group" photo. One year it seemed like I yelled at the kids for 30 minutes straight just to get a good picture..LOL
    He And Me + 3 said...
    They did really well. Don't you love all the fussing for just one good picture. We go through that every year too. The kids hate to have their pictures taken, so it is a chore, but the end result usually looks like it was an easy process. THese are great. Love the artsy one of the three of them, very nice.
    Shannon said...
    Cute pictures! I love the little headband.
    Julie said...
    You are very brave to try this at home. I have tried it a few times, but my kids always do much better when I take them to a place to get it done.

    Cute pictures!

    Everyday Mom Designs said...
    They turned out great! I love them!
    Anonymous said...
    Absolutely precious!

    Under the Florida Sun said...
    LOL. Our picture day went something like this too.. but i had my DH and grow children doing it. LOL.

    It wasn't that bad.

    Your pictures turned out cute!!
    Nicole said...
    Your family is beautiful! I saw your comment about the name Lyric and I had to come and see you. That is my Aunt's name.
    Nicole said...
    I am a slow learner and have finall caught on. I need to take my camera every where!!!! My whole family has very different names. My aunts are Lyric, Bettina, Gueric and my mom is Gemma. I wasnt able to use any of them for my kids, being that I have 3 boys!
    Sara said...
    Okay first of all, I'm just gonna say it.. Those are some CUTE kids! Second of all, we take our pics at home too.. It's usually wild and crazy like yours and I leave the studio crying... Home is MUCH better. :)
    Kim said...
    love the pic..so cute
    McCrakensx4 said...
    To Cute! They did so good! My favs are of the Baby.."no more photos, please, no more photos!" and the artsy fartsy one of the 3 of them! They turned out really well. I tried once and failed! I will try again this weekend and to think, I only have 2 and they are 7 &8. They DON'T work well toghether! :)
    Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...
    Very cute pictures! The last 2 were my favorite.

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