19 October, 2008

Since our visit to PA this past summer, the kids have been anxiously awaiting the visit of Nannie and PopPop! This weekend they came! We spent Friday getting "monkey" re-aquainted with them and catching up on our lives since July. We then went out for dinner. After dinner we took a nice little boat ride.

Saturday we hung out and relaxed, took a trip the library, and then headed down to the local "founders day festival"! The kids rode some rides, played some games, and bought our pumpkins to carve!! We then got some dinner and enjoyed Penn State cream Michigan!! GO STATE!! Sunday we went to church and just enjoyed each other's company!! We will see them again this January when "monkey" turns 1!! WOW, did I just say 1? Where did the year go? To top the weekend off, we had gorgeous Florida weather! Here a couple more pics !


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