07 October, 2008

My 17 year old 7 year old!

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My daughter attends cub scouts with my boys on occasion since it is pretty family friendly. (see my cub scout post here) Last night was no different! A couple of weeks ago they had a school "blitz" where they go around to the different school and try and sign up new scouts. There were a couple of new boys last night as a result. Yippee! We love new scouts! There was one new boy in my boy's den. He was from England and spoke with that cool English accent.

Apparently my 7 year old daughter thought it was cool too. When my hubby's back was turned she took it upon herself to welcome this new boy by writing on the chalkboard in front of everyone-- including his parent--

" I love you England Boy!"

When I heard this my mouth dropped through the floor! WHAT??? She then learned his name and proceeded to replace "England boy" with his name. By the time my husband saw this, the boy had seen it and was turning every shade of red possible. What a first day to cub scouts compliments of my 17 year old 7 year old!

When she got home, we had a nice discussion about how to properly and age appropriately welcome new people and not embarrass them! ( I told her she was more than welcome to write on the chalkboard "I love you Jesus!" anytime she wants!! ) I hope she gets it now! I hope our new friend comes back next week!
"Lord please prepare me the best you can for when she is a teenager! I am NOT prepared!!"


  1. Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...
    Oh MY! Does that make your heart drop to the floor?
    Avery is my kid that I have to already keep the reigns on. I can see her being the kid with posters all over wall of her new "crush". Oh, I do not look forward to teen years!
    Sara said...
    That is soooo funny! And cute too! She sounds just like my daughter.

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