02 October, 2008

My two guys are in Cub Scouts in our town. They started when my boy was in first grade. That was the beginning ! (the youngest they can join.) My hubby became his den leader from the get-go! This was their thing. Something they could be boys and do together. Well, it quickly turned into a family affair. Camping, outings, meetings, and get togethers!! The cub scouts are very family friendly and encourage involvement from everyone! They started off as Tiger Cubs and are now Webelos. He has this year and next as a Webelo and then is off to Boy Scouts.

There are many reasons why I am so happy my boys are in cub scouts, but one stands above the rest! Yes, they teach great character qualities. Yes, they assist our boys in becoming great men. Yes, they teach everything from everyday safety in every area to being a community leader, BUT underneath it all... GOD is in the mix. The cub scout pledge that they say each week is :

I, (name), promise to do my best To do my duty to God and my country, To help other people, and To obey the Law of the Pack.

They pray before each meeting. Cub scouts is not a religious entity, but just the fact that He is acknowledged is fabulous. Cub Scouts are chartered by many different organizations, like churches, schools, community groups etc.
There is one thing that is amazing to me about the cub scouts achievements! There is a course called GOD AND ME that the boys complete with their respective pastor , religious leader, or pack sponsored pastor. It walks the boys through "becoming best friends with Jesus!" Once they complete all the lessons and get signed off, they receive a nice plaque, patch , and card stating that they completed the course. They are given these items in a nice little ceremony and are really held in high regard. WOW! The attention that this one achievement gets speaks volumes to the boys. The greatest thing of all is that this patch for the GOD AND ME achievement is the ONLY patch out of hundreds that they earn in cub scouts that can be transferred to their Boy Scout uniforms.

This a picture of the boys who just earned their GOD AND ME
achievement as last week's Pack Meeting!! See my proud boys!!
To find a cub scout pack near you click here!


  1. Julie said...
    Ditto!!! It is a big committment and tons of work. But, in the end I believe it is all worth it. Hopefully we are adding something great to each one of the boys lives. Something they will take with them forever.
    Kakie said...
    I agree, I just became a co-lead Den mom and will be attending training this weekend. It is shaping them for the future.

    I wrote a cute story on my site about it and got some nice comments from some former Eagle Scouts here: New Scout Begins Planting Seeds of Knowledge for Life

    Thanks for sharing your experience!
    Jackie Sue said...
    That is just too cool!
    Ruth MacC said...
    Love the photos, everybody looks really happy!


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