13 October, 2008

Fun packed weekend!

What a whirl-wind weekend!! It all started with my girl's school field trip to a corn maze! I went a couple of years ago with my son and decided very quickly that my husband needed to experience the dirt, heat, and itchiness this year!! :o) They all had fun ! If you don't know... the corn maze is a giant corn field that each year they go in and cut a "picture" out of the corn making a maze out of it. You can see the picture from above, but can get lost in the maze if you don't remember your way! Along the way there are rubbing stations with interesting fun facts!

Friday night the boys left and went camping with cub scouts for the weekend!! GIRLS WEEKEND!! Usually if the camp ground is close, I will go out on Sat. and spend the day with the boys and leave my girl to spend the night on Sat. night with them, but the camp ground was too far. So we girls stayed home and had fun!! Here are some activities from the camp out!
Doing "wrist rockets"
My brother and nephew doing Archery!
Showing off their homemade silly puddy!

While the boys were off having fun, us girls were having some fun too. We took off on Sat., left the baby with grammy, and went to Studio 6 pottery! We each picked out a piece to paint. I didn't get to take my camera because as you can see from the pics above, my hubby had it. So when we get our pieces back from being "glazed" and "fired", I will take a picture and post them! It was really fun just hanging out with just my girl, talking, and laughing. We then went for ice cream! (BTW...I had coupons for both the pottery place and the ice cream store!!) Then Sat. night we picked up Grammy and monkey and headed out to eat! (where kids eat free of course!) Sat. night my girl had a slumber party with Grammy! She loved all the one on one time!!

Back to the daily grind!!


  1. Jen said...
    Oh my what a fun and busy weekend! Love that you mentioned that you had your coupons! I have gotten so good at that! Whenever we're getting ready to go out I look through my coupons to see what I have! :)
    Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...
    Fun! What cute pictures!
    DanielleW said...
    That is so funny to see a pumpkin patch picture (say that three times fast) with someone in shorts. ROFL.

    Cameron caught a quick glimpse of this page and said, "WAIT! I've seen that face before. How do I know her." ROFL

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