19 September, 2008

Walt Disney Company has started marketing their newest "theme" for 2009!!
"What will you celebrate?"

They are on an all out marketing mission to spread the world!
(my hubby has been apart of the design/concept phase of the marketing tour-- many hours away from home, so to make his time away more worth while, I might as well promote what he has been working on!)

So in celebrating your birthday, WDW is giving each person FREE admission to the park on their birthday! With proof of birth and ID, you will be admitted to either Disney World or Disney Land for a day of fun and Disney Magic!! You can even "schedule" your day online! They even have different options for those faithful Disney fans that have annual passes!!

Yes, this is marketing... yes, you won't go alone.

But, that is one less person you will have to pay for!! So if you are planning on going to the park anyway, plan to go on someone's birthday and get one less admission to pay for. If you have twins......bonus!! For more information and their FAQ go here.


  1. Jaime said...
    Awesome! Mine is Tuesday! Who wants to pay their way in to go with me?
    Kelly said...
    If you go on tues. they may look at you funny!! It doesn't start till 2009!! :o)

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