26 September, 2008

The Roomba from irobot!!

The Roomba image from: techdigestuk
I have to start out by saying how much I LOVE my roomba!! I got my roomba as a birthday gift a year ago! Since then we have had a glorious love affair!! Just last night I gave the baby a bath AND cleaned my floors at the same time!! I have found that having a dog and a baby, contributes to the daily need to clean my floors. My first floor is all wood laminate and tile, so you can see the dust and dog hair that piles up. I was getting really tired of cleaning it everyday. Then the answer to my prayers!! MY ROOMBA!!
I am sure you have seen the commercials! It actually does what it says! It comes with two infared stations that are called "virtual walls" that you can set a boundary for it to go. I do one room at a time to get the maximum cleaning done. You can purchase more "walls" if you need to. It goes right along the walls and the sweeping brush gets in the corners as it goes by. I have tested the cleanliness by dry dusting the floors after the roomba has been unleashed and it is amazing! You really have to see it action to get the full effect!
I do have thin weave accent carpets that the roomba goes up over with no problem. My shag carpet, however, is MT fugi and can't be climbed!! The roomba hits it like a wall and just turns around and goes the other way! The only CON to the Roomba is that it is set with multiple sensors to do it's job. One sensor to find the "wall", one to sense dirt, and one to find the real walls or things in it's way. You need to keep the roomba and it's sensors clean or it won't work correctly!
I have the base model that you can purchase in most retail stores. (or use the website for information and buy it from wholesale or ebay stores!) At their website, they have demo's and all the information that you need. They also have ALL the roombas available. They have several models for the floors. The one that would be extra nice is called the "scheduler". It is stationed on a dock that is programmed for a specific time of day to go off. When that time clicks on, off the roomba goes. It does it's job and then when the timer on the roomba is done, it goes back and docks itself back up! They also have the SCOOBA! Yup, it washes your floors too!!
They also have one for the gutters of your house, one for the pool , and one for industrial (garages)! IRobot corp. is always changing and evolving with new and clever things.
I realize that we as a society are constantly looking for ways to cut corners and be "lazy"! The roomba really fits into that thinking, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I see it as more time and opportunity to spend with my family and getting other things that mean more to me done!!!
I was not paid for this review!


  1. Jaime said...
    I've always wondering about those things. Our floors are never clean...yes, we have kids...but I also don't really clean them often either. Looks like the Roomba is the answer!
    Dearest Jessica said...
    That is so cool, I want one..

    That is so going on my Christmas list!

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